Why did we put the rules of femininity in the hands of a patriarchy who reckons gender roles as such black and white?


As the semester winds down, this page too will come to an end. I enjoyed using WordPress as a platform for my voice to be heard because it reached a great crowd of listeners who were hungry for a internet connection. Although I didn’t think I would like WordPress over Tumblr, I do see myself […]

I wasn’t ready to tackle this. Most of this country wasn’t prepared for this feeling. I wanted to sit down and write especially today because I do have this platform. I can be mad all I want but it’s important to express it through where I feel most comfortable and safe – on this page. […]

Hey guys, thanks for clicking on another sweet post of mine. I just wanted to jot down a few things (lol let’s get real, a lot of things) that help me out after getting too anxious about life. I’m not sure if I can speak for you, but I love some “me” time but that doesn’t […]

Within the community of feminism, there are what you could describe as “branches.” You can choose to label or identify yourself within these definitions but they are simply available so you can learn and connect with others. Curiously enough, I am still learning and discovering issues that affect my life – If I’m not constantly […]

Although to others, their definitions will be altered, but to me, sex positivity means safe sex across communication and consent. People choose to be sexually active and some choose to be asexual and some choose to not label themselves but do whatever they want! Society shaped Americans to be shameful of sex because it was said to […]

Morning! I’m here to tell you a little about a fellow classmate’s blog – SOCIAL ANXIETY . I too suffer from social anxiety. Whenever I hear about future events coming up I get so excited to attend but as the event gets closer I get more worried. Worry takes over my emotions because I think of all […]

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